Lean 2017 – Dr. Chris Nwanne (Chaplain General)

I bring you greetings from our Lord and personal Saviour Jesus Christ, the one that has called us to present us to himself faultless, to Him be all glory and praise.

I welcome you to LEAN 2017, Lagos Nigeria. Divine Chaplaincy International Inc. Divine Institute of Chaplaincy Corps Int’l and United Chaplain State of New York welcome you with love and high expectation. As you partake of this well packaged four day event, may you encounter God in the most unusual way. In this event, the Lord has promised us to wipe away tears from the eyes of His people, hence, the theme, “Don’t Let Them Cry”

In the last nine months, the Lord has enabled us to reach out and expand to various parts of Nigeria, equipping men to take the gospel beyond the spheres of the local church. Our thrust is to establish Commands in every major city in Nigeria and every national capital in Africa. To this end, we celebrate our accomplishments in establishing professional Chaplaincy Faculties with universities in the Middle East and the United Kingdom by affiliation; this will aid the development and efficient service deployment by our Chaplains in a professional manner.

We call on all and sundry to embrace this re-energized vision and let’s take the gospel of the kingdom and humanitarian services to its utmost expression.

As we release this Magazine during this conference, we send it to homes and offices as a voice for chaplaincy services throughout Africa, Europe, Asia-Middle and Far East.

Welcome once again and God bless you.

A chaplain is a Priest, trained in a Military way to carry out chaplaincy assignment and to represent God in the uniform, diplomatic, governmental departments and anywhere humanity could be found in general.

Duties of a chaplain: To give moral instruction, counselling, preaching the word of God to the law enforcement officers, who may not have all the time for prayers and God before carrying out their duties.

The services of the chaplain ministry extends to hospitals; praying and caring for the patients, prison ministration; speaking to change the mindset of the inmates, and the charitable homes; taking care of the needy, widows, orphans and street kids and the distressed generally. They also minister moral instructions and the word of God in schools and institutions and colleges.

At war times, chaplain mediates between two nations or more, it could be between cities, for peace talk and settling differences. Should there be any war, chaplains during the war, make sure that the international laws guiding war are kept by the soldiers.

They also try to avoid abuse of children, raping of women, poisoning the waters or rivers or killing the sea fishes, burning or destroying of institutions such as; hospitals, churches, and all humanitarian support centres.

After the war, chaplain helps for the rehabilitation of the systems that was destroyed. Etc

The activities of chaplains and chaplaincy is wide and beyond mere expression, it all goes according to individual calling and divine direction in life.

You are called to become God’s bacon of fire through chaplaincy to reach the unreached.

You too can be a chaplain for your community needs you.

So, you are welcome to the award winning Chaplaincy Ministry in the world, the fastest growing body, and you’ll never regret you did.

God bless you.

Chapl Lt.gen. Dr. F.O Mcgre

Chairman UCSNY South Africa Region

On behalf of the Director, Europe, Asia

Regions of UCSNY

Chaplain Gen. Comndnt. Dr. Christian  Nwanne

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Prof Chris NwanneThe CFM, Chapl Gen Amb Dr Bishop Chris Nwanne has been elected into the Faculty of Chaplaincy Studies of United College of Brazil as a PROFESSOR OF CHAPLAINCY Studies.
By this investiture, Chapl Gen. Nwanne has the authority of the Brazilian College to be addressed as Professor as a prefix to his name.
The investiture ceremony will be held anytime soon after the COVID Pandemic.
Chapl Nwanne is the Presiding Bishop of Kingdom Pentecostal Ministries Intl. and the President of DICCI Corps worldwide. He is the President of DICCI and currently the international Director, online Studies of Divine Institute of Chaplaincy Corps International, which offers diploma and certificate courses, Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral programs in Chaplaincy studies and related courses in humanities and Peace & Conflict Management.
Bishop Chris Nwanne had been engrossed in developing contents and curriculum for studies and training in Chaplaincy, Peace Keeping, Conflict Management/Alternative Dispute Resolution, and humanitarian studies in line with the requirements of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and International Conventions and Protocols. He partners with Metropolitan School of Business & : Management (MSBM) UK, Anambra Branch, delivering Professional Chaplaincy Development (PCD) Course and the Special Executive Masters Program (SEMP) – a Chaplaincy program designed to upskill Chaplains on response to Law Enforcement Agencies. Read More



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