Professor Chaplain General Christian Nwanne.

Professor Chaplain Nwanne is a director of virtual studies at the Divine Institute of Chaplaincy. He had been engrossed in the development of contents and curriculum for studies and training in chaplaincy, peace-keeping, conflict management, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Humanitarian studies in line with the requirements of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and international Convention and Protocols.

He partners with the Metropolitan School of Business Management (MSBM) UK, Anambra branch, delivery Professional Chaplaincy Development (PCD), and Executive Masters Programme (SEMP). SEMP is a Chaplaincy programme designed to upskill chaplains in response to law enforcement agencies.

He has been recognized by over 200 established and diplomatic institutions around the world, 34 ambassadorial awards, 34 doctoral honorary awards / PhDs, and associate professor with the United College of Brazil of Chaplaincy studies and human resource management.

He is the founder of Don’t Let Them Cry which has made an incredible impact in the lives of many both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. He is currently the president of the World International Economic Group – WIEG Nigeria.

Prof. Chaplain Christian Nwanne is a conflict and peace management expert and media advocate.

In these prolific media interviews, he talks about the importance of peace-making, peace-building, and peace-keeping. According to the Prof, you need to make peace, and build peace before you keep the peace. Watch until the last minute.

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