Happy New Year 2021

Dear Esteemed Chaplains,

We are grateful to God for the success of 2020 and as many that contributed in different ways.

2020 was indeed a diplomatic and joint collaboration year for DICCI-CORPS with different international agencies having representatives today in 200 nations to say but the least.

I thank God for making it possible for us and our loved ones to witness the year, 2021. We are grateful to God for allowing us to be in the land of the living, seeing us through 2020 and leading us into this New Year. ‎Many looked forward to this year but could not make it. God in His infinite mercy permitted us to live to see this day, for this grace, we are grateful. For God’s blessings upon us, His goodness, lifting, good health and successes, we give Him thanks.

We have reasons for thanking God for the year 2021. I am not unmindful that some of us may have suffered setbacks, losses, or even passed through trials and tribulations in the year 2020 due to Covid 19-Global Pandemic. Many dreams were either not realized or shattered. In everything, we give thanks to God.   As the saying goes: “If there is life, there is hope”. Let’s celebrate life and keep hope alive. If Almighty God wills it, you will surely achieve whatever goals you set your mind on and diligently work towards achieving.

As Brian Tracy noted, ” You are engineered for success and designed to have high levels of self-esteem, respect and personal pride”. You have absolutely amazing untapped talents and abilities that when properly unleashed and applied, can bring everything you could ever want in life. The real limits on what you can be , do or have, are the limits you place on yourself by your own thinking”.

The new year offers us an opportunity to reach our goals and achieve our dreams. We should strive hard while making each day count as we seek to realize set goals individually and in our departments. Today therefore marks the beginning of another year’s journey that will cover 365 days. Today is a good day as any to make a fresh start. As Chaplains, may we be guided by the tenets of Chaplaincy and lead exemplary lives in our various callings.

May we continue to engage positively with other stakeholders to serve God and humanity and ensuring we “Do not let them cry”. We should strive towards delivering the expected lives-touching programs. We should also endeavor to be law-abiding as men and officers under the law. These are the ideals we must commit to attain at all times , create better image for extension and growth.

Finally, may this New Year be a joyous ride for you and your family. As we see the beginning of the year 2021, may God walk through it and prepare us for better years ahead.  Wishing you a prosperous happy new year

DICCI 2021

Welcome to 2021,

Our year of Kingdom Realities.


Prof Christian Nwanne,

The Chaplain Field Marshal & President of the DICCI Corps World Wide.

UCSNY African Region

UN.Global Ambassador.

Care Center

For The CFM.

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