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invites you to become a Chaplain Officer, gain the power access and connections to take the gospel anywhere in the world. Enter and minister to the restricted institutions without fear and with full respect, and honor.


A Clergy or layman licensed and commissioned by Chaplaincy institute and invested with the authority to render pastoral, social, crisis management, counseling, sacraments, worship, end of life care, help ethical decision making, staff support, clergy, community coordination, church coordination, security and law enforcement assistance and conflict resolution, locally and internationally. A Chaplain Officer may be employed on professional full time or part time basis and also on volunteer basis.


As a chaplain officer you get the privilege and honour to preach the gospel and offer spiritual and social service within what would previously have a restricted area, military base, working with enforcement agencies as a chaplain officer, honour and respect is accorded you as would be accorded any duly decorated officers or law enforcement officers around the world.  chaplaincy corps opens up doors of national travel as you go on missions and ambassadorial missions as ambassadors of peace chaplaincy boosts your honor level as it offers “credibility conferred by status” where ever your Name is brought you have the full weight and credibility of the organization as your back up just as any officer has the full back of his nations government vouching for him, chaplaincy also offers international networking as members are constantly brought together from all works of life from the clergy to high government officials CEOs through meetings conventions seminars and given the platform for fruitful connecting and interactions.


Divine Institute Chaplaincy Corps International Incorporation (DICCI) and Divine Chaplaincy International (DCI) is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria in 2005 and 2009 respectively. Authorized to train, commission, certify, license and deploy Chaplains whether at as volunteer and or contract.

In the year 2016 United Chaplains Corps of USA army authorized DICCIUCSNY to crest her officers who are duly certified. We also have verifiable Electronic validated card accessible in 125 nations and beyond and DICCI global Mission E data I’d card for corporate identification around the world and to respond to the community around the officers and beyond. DICCI operations are somewhat military and it cuts across military, Para-military, government, public and private establishments. Also, we reach out to prisons, orphanages, hospitals and citadels of learning just to mention a few. Our area of interest also extends to conflict de-escalation, rescue missions, peace-keeping etc.


– To train gospel ministers and senior church workers as Chaplains

– To assist the Police in crime prevention

– To promote crime awareness campaign

– To help accident victims

– To assist in combating adulteration of drugs etc

– To give spiritual, socio-physical assistance to the sick, war victims, widows, the less priviledge, the motherless, and the orphans.

– For this reason we organize a programme called “Please don’t let them cry”, We organize lectures, seminar, conferences, and training which bring enlightenment to the public. We also conduct counseling, fellowship service, prayer meetings for corporate and private organizations, hospitals missions to encourage the recovery of the sick and much more.

ABOUT UCSNY Africa Region

United Chaplains State of New York Africa region is an organization franchised for Few continents but now for global operation under the leadership of Chaplain General Chris Nwanne


Anyone seeking better ways to serve the lord particularly, spiritually with a sense of social personally molding and greater social standing and even academic standing in society.


You can join the next batch of Special Executive Master Programme (SEMP)

certified by MSBM UK.

Respond to the law Enforcement Agency around the world and work with your certificate and be paid.

call now…our licensed officers or call the phone numbers at the bottom of this brochure for more information.


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