Christmas Greetings


Looking Back and Looking Forward!

Looking Back

It’s been a year of great challenges Yet, a year of great accomplishments for DICCI.
Though challenging, many have worked incredibly hard, through extreme circumstances and tight schedules in some cases to oil the wheels towards progress, assuring DICCI topped the table as a Chaplaincy Organization with a credibly outstanding difference! We have no doubt, made record-breaking achievements.

I owe you all a special Christmas “THANK YOU” you are heroes indeed.
Heroes are ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with steely determination and persistence, birthing extraordinary and evidential harvests.
I implore you all to be inspired to stay the heroes you are as Chaplains even as we roll into a new year.

Reflecting upon this past year, we have no doubt received many blessings as an organization; a renewed Team force, an enlarged coast beyond many coasts, new friendships, and relationships across the globe.
This glaring Transformation process has given birth to spiritual growth, Physical growth, and unfathomable opportunities to reach out to humanity in and with tough love being our core.

Looking forward

It’s a time for great expectations!
Boundless capacities and enabling grace to fulfill every appointment with destiny as chaplains, a must!
I look forward to these outstanding feet in 2022 with more events and resources, including more expanded activities and events which will be more formally detailed in early 2022.

  The positive movement of the Spirit in DICCI will continue to encourage the best from each of us as we increase our awareness of and responsibility to share the mission of Jesus Christ
That positive Spirit has been often manifested in the many Chaplains who volunteer their time, talent, and treasures… Your reward is sure!
The heart of Christmas is the gift of Jesus Christ who saves us.  He is the gift who overwhelms us with his love and peace and guides our hearts. Thus may your hearts be full of praise and gratitude and may 2022 be full of the Lord’s graces and blessings upon you and your families.


Prof.Gen Chris Nwanne
President DICCI-CORPS Worldwide

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