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Dear Esteemed Chaplains,
‎To reach our set goals and achieve our dreams, as committed in the CFM Christmas and New Year Messages, there is need for a roadmap/strategic plan and also coordinated actions to realise the set goals; we need to strive hard while making each day count as we seek ‎to realise the set goals‎.

In pursuant of this objective, the CFM has approved the 2019 Annual Programs Calendar as proposed by the National Programs Planning Committee, following their Strategic Programs Planning Meeting held on Thurs, 3rd Jan, 2019.‎

This announcement therefore is to communicate this strategic timelines and calendar for the information of the Chaplaincy rank and file and to enable all Units/Areas/State formations of the Chaplaincy to proactively gear up and to also integrate the important dates in their respective local Chaplaincy plans for 2019.

Kindly find below the approved dates for Chaplaincy key Activities in 2019:
*29th January: Chaplaincy Training for a Police Station

*2nd February: Lagos In-Service Training

*2nd February: National/ Board of Trustees’ Meetings

*August DICCI Gala Nite/Awards Program

*18th May: South-East In-Service Training

*25th May: Delta/Edo In-Service Training

*6th July: National In-Service Training

Upon the Programs Committee recommendation, The CFM also approved that General commissioning will take place thrice annually (per State/Region) in April, July and November (apart from Special commissioning that can happen as often as it is needed).

Kindly note that, the CFM may schedule additional meetings or events in the course of the year, as the need arises.

In addition to the above strategic time lines, the CFM also approved April 2019 as the National “Do Not Let Them Cry” Charity Campaign Month to be held at the National Level, while August 2019 as “Do Not Let Them Cry” Charity outreach Cascade Campaign across the State Commands. ‎The exact dates shall be communicated as at when due.

You are therefore, kindly required to block your calendars accordingly to ensure your availability for these events.‎

Above programs have been captured in the 2019 Chaplaincy Calendar of Activities (To be published soonest). Be informed that the calendar will be updated from time to time. Any change or update will be communicated accordingly.

As captured above, kindly take notice that the first episode of the 2019 In-Service Training (West) for the Western States Command will hold as below:
~Date: 2nd February, 2019
~Venue: Will be advised in subsequent announcement
~Time:10.00 am

All Area commanders and ‎Unit Coordinators Western States Command are required to mobilise their Chaplains to ensure full attendance.

All Chaplains are encouraged to be adorned on their combatant kits or training kits.

Remember, “What is Divine is Divine”! Be part of events that make history!.

Chapl Sub Major Gen F Mbata
National Director of Communications & Chaplaincy Public Relations Officer (CPRO).

Cc: CFM‎;
Cc:‎ National Directors;
Dist: Units/Areas/Zonal Commands


Dear Comrades,
We thank God for His mercies and ability to prosecute the DICCI Vision thus far in 2018. While thanking you all for your unwavering supports, dedication, commitment and selfless service under this Commission to crystalize ‎the vision of DICCI, we will like to state that: “After diligence comes recognitions, rewards, awards and banqueting”.‎

Therefore, The United Chaplains State of New York(UCSNY), African Region/Divine Institute of Chaplaincy Corps International (DICCI), Nigeria, invites all Corps Chaplains, their families and friends to the 2018 Gala Nite holding as below:
Date: 1st December, 2018
Venue: Sunfit Hotel, Plot 327, 329 Rabiu Babatunde Tinubu Road, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.
Highlights: The event will feature: E-id Card presentation, Promotions, Decorations, Nominations, Merits, Awards, Appreciations and 2019 appointments/deployments.
Event Timeline: See events timelines below:
3.00pm >> Arrival and Registration
4.00pm >> Guest Lectures
5.30pm >> Gala Nite Red Carpet
6.00pm >> Cocktails
7.00pm >> Dinner/Recognitions & Awards Ceremony

Ticket: Limited tickets are available as follows:
– Regular (single) = #7,000
VIP (single) = #10,000
– Limited tickets are available
– The tickets are to cover the cost of food and drinks only.
– The tickets are with scanable back code and serial numbers.
– For more ticket information, contact 09060008327
*For Online payment for tickets: kindly use the Account details below: –
*All those who made online payments should contact the Adm Director for ticket availability and pick-up.

*Accordingly, all Chaplains are required to be clad on their approved Protocol or ceremonial Uniforms.
*All Chaplains and commissioned officers in and around the country are enjoined to be part of this event. Where not possible, notification for abstention should be forwarded to the Secretariat ASAP.
*All Unit/Area and State Commanders are enjoined to mobilize their various Units to be part of this event.


For further details about the Gala Nite, please see flyers below or kindly visit:

Chapl Sub Major Gen Fyneray Mbata
National Director of Communications and CPRO, DICCI/UCSNY, Nigeria
For and on behalf of the CFM

Cc: LSC, National + Regional Directors
Dist: All Units + State Commands

Chaplaincy: CFM New year Message

Characteristics of a Chaplain



A chaplain must be Jesus- centred, gospel- focused, mission-minded, and community-oriented. (Colossians 1:15 ) All things are from Jesus, through Jesus, to Jesus and for Jesus. The bible is all about Jesus. The gospel is all about Jesus. Life is all about Jesus. Once again, CHAPLAINCY is all about Jesus.

In the same way, it is crucial that a chaplain is all about Jesus in mind, body, spirit and strength. (Mark 12:30-31)

  • Every aspect of a chaplain’s life must be about Jesus, for the glory of God and the good of others.

NOTE: A chaplain’s character, mission and message must be all about Jesus. A chaplain must know the gospel and be able to articulate the gospel well.


(Matthew 5:13-14) integrity is all about wholeness. A chaplain must be the same publicly as he/she is privately.

  • People are counting on you to be the real deal not (fake). People are counting on you to follow Jesus in action, thoughts and words.

NOTE: Integrity occurs when your actions, thoughts and words match up to each other, which is the gospel and God’s word. Integrity can only come from a true daily walk with Jesus.


  1. Complete trust in Jesus.
  2. Daily time in God’s word.
  3. Living by the Spirit, open confession of mistakes.
  4. Followed by true repentance and a return to Jesus.


A chaplain must be able to put the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of others above his/her own in order to lead them to Jesus and glorify God.

The question is not, “are you SERVING?” but, “are you a SERVANT?”

  • Chaplains must be willing to serve in a way that is unexplainable.

NOTE: You can tell whether or not you’re a servant by how you act when you are treated like one.

  1. Remember it’s all about Jesus.
  2. Consider that you’re serving (or lack thereof) is either pointing people to Jesus or leading them away from Him.
  3. Ask others how you can serve them.


Ecclesiastics 4:9-10

  • If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. (African proverb).

A chaplain must remember that we are better together.

NOTE: Take all the help you can get and give all the help you can give.

  1. Identify others who are passionate about Jesus.
  2. Listen to those who express an interest to help.
  3. Ask others to help.


   Colossians 3:17-24

A chaplain must always give his/her best as if he/she is doing so to Jesus. (Matt 25:40)

  • Excellence is about doing all things with integrity, serving and team work

NOTE: excellence is the result of being full of god’s spirit, through a daily walk with Jesus.

Lean 2017 – Dr. Chris Nwanne (Chaplain General)

I bring you greetings from our Lord and personal Saviour Jesus Christ, the one that has called us to present us to himself faultless, to Him be all glory and praise.

I welcome you to LEAN 2017, Lagos Nigeria. Divine Chaplaincy International Inc. Divine Institute of Chaplaincy Corps Int’l and United Chaplain State of New York welcome you with love and high expectation. As you partake of this well packaged four day event, may you encounter God in the most unusual way. In this event, the Lord has promised us to wipe away tears from the eyes of His people, hence, the theme, “Don’t Let Them Cry”

In the last nine months, the Lord has enabled us to reach out and expand to various parts of Nigeria, equipping men to take the gospel beyond the spheres of the local church. Our thrust is to establish Commands in every major city in Nigeria and every national capital in Africa. To this end, we celebrate our accomplishments in establishing professional Chaplaincy Faculties with universities in the Middle East and the United Kingdom by affiliation; this will aid the development and efficient service deployment by our Chaplains in a professional manner.

We call on all and sundry to embrace this re-energized vision and let’s take the gospel of the kingdom and humanitarian services to its utmost expression.

As we release this Magazine during this conference, we send it to homes and offices as a voice for chaplaincy services throughout Africa, Europe, Asia-Middle and Far East.

Welcome once again and God bless you.

A chaplain is a Priest, trained in a Military way to carry out chaplaincy assignment and to represent God in the uniform, diplomatic, governmental departments and anywhere humanity could be found in general.

Duties of a chaplain: To give moral instruction, counselling, preaching the word of God to the law enforcement officers, who may not have all the time for prayers and God before carrying out their duties.

The services of the chaplain ministry extends to hospitals; praying and caring for the patients, prison ministration; speaking to change the mindset of the inmates, and the charitable homes; taking care of the needy, widows, orphans and street kids and the distressed generally. They also minister moral instructions and the word of God in schools and institutions and colleges.

At war times, chaplain mediates between two nations or more, it could be between cities, for peace talk and settling differences. Should there be any war, chaplains during the war, make sure that the international laws guiding war are kept by the soldiers.

They also try to avoid abuse of children, raping of women, poisoning the waters or rivers or killing the sea fishes, burning or destroying of institutions such as; hospitals, churches, and all humanitarian support centres.

After the war, chaplain helps for the rehabilitation of the systems that was destroyed. Etc

The activities of chaplains and chaplaincy is wide and beyond mere expression, it all goes according to individual calling and divine direction in life.

You are called to become God’s bacon of fire through chaplaincy to reach the unreached.

You too can be a chaplain for your community needs you.

So, you are welcome to the award winning Chaplaincy Ministry in the world, the fastest growing body, and you’ll never regret you did.

God bless you.

Chapl Lt.gen. Dr. F.O Mcgre

Chairman UCSNY South Africa Region

On behalf of the Director, Europe, Asia

Regions of UCSNY

Chaplain Gen. Comndnt. Dr. Christian  Nwanne

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