CFM’s New year message 2023

CFM’s New year message 2023

Dear Esteemed Chaplains,

‎May the Grace and Peace of The Most-High be unto you in Jesus’s Name, Amen!

I want to use this medium therefore to thank you all for your unwavering support, dedication, commitment, and selfless service under this Commission to crystalize ‎the vision of the Divine Institute of Chaplaincy.

To The Glory of God, major milestones were recorded in 2022.

DICCI-CORPS Had a commissioning and leadership summit in the following countries.

Angola 🇦🇴, Brazil 🇧🇷 , Ivory Coast,  Chad 🇹🇩 , Dubai UAE  🇦🇪 and within the States in Nigeria 🇳🇬 some virtual students graduated from USA 🇺🇸  Europe 🇪🇺, etc.

We had a successful National Peace Summit at Four Point by Sheraton Hotel Victoria Island Lagos to open the year February 2022. We had another town hall meeting at IKOTUN LGA Lagos State in June with Widows Empowerment.

DICCI-CORPS AWARDS GALA In Dubai July 2022 was a huge success with delegates from different Nations and a successful end-of-the-year party at Four Point by Sheraton Hotel Victoria Island Lagos on 3rd December 2023

The Chaplaincy grew in leaps and bounds During the year, Commands were inaugurated in Nations, and more organizations were chartered. The past year witnessed a bee-hive of activities, compared with the previous years. Our attraction and retention strategies enabled the enlistment, training, and commissioning of new cadets and Officers across the States and  Nations. Officers and Men of the Corp were upskilled, deployed into different Service Platforms, Promoted, and Decorated. Some notable men of integrity in different callings were also honored and decorated with the Chaplaincy Corp Special Marshal Investiture.

Miss World United Nations was Appointed The Face of Dicci-Corps 2023/2024.

It was indeed a successful year.

During the year also, despite some challenges, training took place in some States and Country Commands, and over 200 Chaplains were added to the organization Globally

And over 100 Leaders graduated around the world in Humanitarian Peacekeeping courses as our contribution to The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Find below some strategic goals for 2023:

# ‎Increased membership campaign/attraction and training of cadets to raise more Chaplains

# Designation of more training Units and special training of trainers for sustained training deployment in both old and newly created units.

# Deployment of Officers to different Service Platforms under the Chaplaincy Corp (eg  ‘Don’t Let Them Cry’ Chaplaincy Outreach for the hospitals and Charity homes and Legal Aid Chaplaincy Support Outreach for the Police Detainees and Awaiting Trial Victims‎; The Chapol Corp; The Intelligence Corp and The International Service Corp etc)

# Special Corp training of interested officers in line with their choice of Service areas and passion‎s

# ‎More investiture of Corp Special Marshals to I‎ncrease the number of special Marshals for effective leadership council.

 # Extension and Creation of more international chapters, planting, and cross-posting of the officers into the international Chaplaincy Service Corp.

 # Plan and successfully host International Programs, Events‎ , and Conferences.

From the strategic goals listed above, 2023 ‎will be studded with activities.

I, therefore, call for the renewal of your resolve to serve God under the platform of the DICCI Corps, for He who is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, will no doubt reward you abundantly, at the least expected time.

Come join me for greater exploits in 2023 under the DICCI platform.

Remember, What is Divine is Divine. Bringing Out The Champion In You.

May this Year bring radiance into your World and Light up Your Path throughout the year, May God Crown this Year with His Goodness (Ps 65:11) to enable you to finish Well & finish Strong; Happy  New year,


Prof. Gen Christian Nwanne,

The Chaplain Field Marshal & Global President of DICCI Corps and Chairman UCSNYAfrican Region.



I write this from the depth of my heart to express our profound gratitude to you and your family for standing with us in the cause of fulfilling God’s Mandate in 2022

It’s expedient to share this moment of Success  and Victory with you, as through your sagacious disposition both spiritual, morally, financially and unparalleled magnanimity we were able to touch lives by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Your godly support in no small measure generated the needed inspiration, motivation and drive to pursue the Divine Agenda God gave to our ministry for mankind in 2022.

Therefore on behalf of DICCI-CORPS, UCSNY AFRICA DIVINE CHAPLAINCY And all the platforms I represent for kingdom services, do accept our deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude. Our  hearts are grateful to God and also open towards you as we continue to uplift you in prayers.

Our profound heart desire and prayers for you in 2023  is that you will not lose your reward, your harvest shall be multidimensional,  your heavens shall be open continually. May our Gracious Heavenly Father crown you with His loving kindness and tender mercies; And may He also envelope you with uncommon favour and Divine protection, in Jesus Name.

I envisage greater work in 2023. I believe that more souls will be reached and the Power of the Holy Spirit will move more, as we take Humanitarian activities further, so I humbly ask that you continue to support us in prayers and in every way you want to support especially with finance. We shall be doing more labour in our foreign missions and this can be highly demanding. Apostle Paul encouraged us all in 2 Corinthians 9:8 saying: “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work”. Grace shall abound upon every one of us that will enable us to do more for His kingdom.

Wishing you a Holy Ghost filled and Prosperous New Year, in Jesus Name.

Looking forward to the 2023 calendar of programmes


Professor Chaplain General Christian Nwanne.

Professor Chaplain Nwanne is a director of virtual studies at the Divine Institute of Chaplaincy. He had been engrossed in the development of contents and curriculum for studies and training in chaplaincy, peace-keeping, conflict management, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Humanitarian studies in line with the requirements of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and international Convention and Protocols.

He partners with the Metropolitan School of Business Management (MSBM) UK, Anambra branch, delivery Professional Chaplaincy Development (PCD), and Executive Masters Programme (SEMP). SEMP is a Chaplaincy programme designed to upskill chaplains in response to law enforcement agencies.

He has been recognized by over 200 established and diplomatic institutions around the world, 34 ambassadorial awards, 34 doctoral honorary awards / PhDs, and associate professor with the United College of Brazil of Chaplaincy studies and human resource management.

He is the founder of Don’t Let Them Cry which has made an incredible impact in the lives of many both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. He is currently the president of the World International Economic Group – WIEG Nigeria.

Prof. Chaplain Christian Nwanne is a conflict and peace management expert and media advocate.

In these prolific media interviews, he talks about the importance of peace-making, peace-building, and peace-keeping. According to the Prof, you need to make peace, and build peace before you keep the peace. Watch until the last minute.

Gowon, others task youths on peace, productivity

Former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, (rtd.), on Thursday in Lagos, charged youths to shun violence and be advocates of peace and nation-building.

Gowon gave the charge at the National Peace Summit and Awards 2022 with the theme, “The Mechanism of Sacrifices and Compromise in Nation Building and Pursuit of Peace for an Emerging New Nigeria.”

Gowon, who attended the event virtually, urged Nigerian youths to rise up to the challenges of nation-building and channel their energy positively.

“In spite of the distraction, I want to urge Nigerian youths to stay courageous. Violence has never solved any problem; channel your energy to things that are productive. Vanguard News -Continue Reading…




2022 is here and I trust we are all set to begin another roller coaster ride. This is the time to gear up with new energies and start setting new goals individually and in alignment with our ( DICCI-CORPS) Goals and Objectives.

Every new year births new opportunities to perform and ensure growth through hard work and enduring efforts as always.

The stakes and expectations are higher! Teamwork, therefore, cannot be overemphasized! All hands must be on deck.
“It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.” 
Our drive is a ” Together phenomenon “

This year EXCELLENCE will be our cynosure in all we do to achieve our pledged mandate for which we have all been commissioned and detailed as Chaplains.
Excellence is not just a skill, It is an attitude first.”
Excellence as our polestar doesn’t come by accident, rather, it’s the result of high intention, sincere effort, adherence to directives, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to always see obstacles as opportunities.” In other words, no excuse is tenable to suffice for being lackadaisical.

I urge you all to rise to the occasion in this New year as the grace to “perform” is availed.

I urge you all to activate the right attitude in dispensing your call to humanity in your areas of grace and giftedness. Bearing in mind that; “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes”. It is a catalyst…a spark that creates extraordinary results.
Indeed new dawn has begun and it’s a chance to equip yourselves with new skills and pounce on new opportunities to perform and grow DICCI so Let’s aim for success altogether as a team!

Finally, let me take this moment to express my heartfelt greetings from my heart for this festive season. I appreciate you all for all the achievements and accomplishments in the last year. Be it DICCI related targets or personal ones, it has been great. I thank you all for your support and dedication, and especially to those who burned the night oil and got things done.
As we look forward to the calendar of the year 2022 a few days from now

*Most importantly
Let us book down the date of the DICCI Awards Gala Dubai UAE 🇦🇪 taking place in one of the best facilities in Dubai.
Arrival from all over the world to be received at the Dubai International Airport by our international Committee 5th July to 7th July 2022, this event is confirmed to be 4 days and 3 nights accept others rescheduled by the delegates
Find the attached documents for more details.
Note that DICCI-CORPS partners around the world will be in attendant for this reason the budge in the package is from your arrival till your departure.
Ticket and visa should be handled at your request.

Happy New Year! 2022.

Prof.Gen.Christian Nwanne

Christmas Greetings


Looking Back and Looking Forward!

Looking Back

It’s been a year of great challenges Yet, a year of great accomplishments for DICCI.
Though challenging, many have worked incredibly hard, through extreme circumstances and tight schedules in some cases to oil the wheels towards progress, assuring DICCI topped the table as a Chaplaincy Organization with a credibly outstanding difference! We have no doubt, made record-breaking achievements.

I owe you all a special Christmas “THANK YOU” you are heroes indeed.
Heroes are ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with steely determination and persistence, birthing extraordinary and evidential harvests.
I implore you all to be inspired to stay the heroes you are as Chaplains even as we roll into a new year.

Reflecting upon this past year, we have no doubt received many blessings as an organization; a renewed Team force, an enlarged coast beyond many coasts, new friendships, and relationships across the globe.
This glaring Transformation process has given birth to spiritual growth, Physical growth, and unfathomable opportunities to reach out to humanity in and with tough love being our core.

Looking forward

It’s a time for great expectations!
Boundless capacities and enabling grace to fulfill every appointment with destiny as chaplains, a must!
I look forward to these outstanding feet in 2022 with more events and resources, including more expanded activities and events which will be more formally detailed in early 2022.

  The positive movement of the Spirit in DICCI will continue to encourage the best from each of us as we increase our awareness of and responsibility to share the mission of Jesus Christ
That positive Spirit has been often manifested in the many Chaplains who volunteer their time, talent, and treasures… Your reward is sure!
The heart of Christmas is the gift of Jesus Christ who saves us.  He is the gift who overwhelms us with his love and peace and guides our hearts. Thus may your hearts be full of praise and gratitude and may 2022 be full of the Lord’s graces and blessings upon you and your families.


Prof.Gen Chris Nwanne
President DICCI-CORPS Worldwide

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Prof Chris NwanneThe CFM, Chapl Gen Amb Dr Bishop Chris Nwanne has been elected into the Faculty of Chaplaincy Studies of United College of Brazil as a PROFESSOR OF CHAPLAINCY Studies.
By this investiture, Chapl Gen. Nwanne has the authority of the Brazilian College to be addressed as Professor as a prefix to his name.
The investiture ceremony will be held anytime soon after the COVID Pandemic.
Chapl Nwanne is the Presiding Bishop of Kingdom Pentecostal Ministries Intl. and the President of DICCI Corps worldwide. He is the President of DICCI and currently the international Director, online Studies of Divine Institute of Chaplaincy Corps International, which offers diploma and certificate courses, Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral programs in Chaplaincy studies and related courses in humanities and Peace & Conflict Management.
Bishop Chris Nwanne had been engrossed in developing contents and curriculum for studies and training in Chaplaincy, Peace Keeping, Conflict Management/Alternative Dispute Resolution, and humanitarian studies in line with the requirements of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and International Conventions and Protocols. He partners with Metropolitan School of Business & : Management (MSBM) UK, Anambra Branch, delivering Professional Chaplaincy Development (PCD) Course and the Special Executive Masters Program (SEMP) – a Chaplaincy program designed to upskill Chaplains on response to Law Enforcement Agencies. Read More



WORLD INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC GROUP (WIEG) is created to foster a global partnership that would open new boundless business opportunities while preserving our honorable members’ cultural and business ethics. At WIEG we hope to innovate a business policy that helps to build world Economic Efficiency, Economic Equity: Economic Security & Economic Growth. Most importantly, WIEG aimed at correcting market failures, complementing market mechanisms, maintaining social stability, and creating national and international economic environments that would promote sustainable growth on a global scale, leading to sustainable development. Read More