2019 Calendar Events

Dear Esteemed Chaplains,
‎To reach our set goals and achieve our dreams, as committed in the CFM Christmas and New Year Messages, there is need for a roadmap/strategic plan and also coordinated actions to realise the set goals; we need to strive hard while making each day count as we seek ‎to realise the set goals‎.

In pursuant of this objective, the CFM has approved the 2019 Annual Programs Calendar as proposed by the National Programs Planning Committee, following their Strategic Programs Planning Meeting held on Thurs, 3rd Jan, 2019.‎

This announcement therefore is to communicate this strategic timelines and calendar for the information of the Chaplaincy rank and file and to enable all Units/Areas/State formations of the Chaplaincy to proactively gear up and to also integrate the important dates in their respective local Chaplaincy plans for 2019.

Kindly find below the approved dates for Chaplaincy key Activities in 2019:
*29th January: Chaplaincy Training for a Police Station

*2nd February: Lagos In-Service Training

*2nd February: National/ Board of Trustees’ Meetings

*August DICCI Gala Nite/Awards Program

*18th May: South-East In-Service Training

*25th May: Delta/Edo In-Service Training

*6th July: National In-Service Training

Upon the Programs Committee recommendation, The CFM also approved that General commissioning will take place thrice annually (per State/Region) in April, July and November (apart from Special commissioning that can happen as often as it is needed).

Kindly note that, the CFM may schedule additional meetings or events in the course of the year, as the need arises.

In addition to the above strategic time lines, the CFM also approved April 2019 as the National “Do Not Let Them Cry” Charity Campaign Month to be held at the National Level, while August 2019 as “Do Not Let Them Cry” Charity outreach Cascade Campaign across the State Commands. ‎The exact dates shall be communicated as at when due.

You are therefore, kindly required to block your calendars accordingly to ensure your availability for these events.‎

Above programs have been captured in the 2019 Chaplaincy Calendar of Activities (To be published soonest). Be informed that the calendar will be updated from time to time. Any change or update will be communicated accordingly.

As captured above, kindly take notice that the first episode of the 2019 In-Service Training (West) for the Western States Command will hold as below:
~Date: 2nd February, 2019
~Venue: Will be advised in subsequent announcement
~Time:10.00 am

All Area commanders and ‎Unit Coordinators Western States Command are required to mobilise their Chaplains to ensure full attendance.

All Chaplains are encouraged to be adorned on their combatant kits or training kits.

Remember, “What is Divine is Divine”! Be part of events that make history!.

Chapl Sub Major Gen F Mbata
National Director of Communications & Chaplaincy Public Relations Officer (CPRO).

Cc: CFM‎;
Cc:‎ National Directors;
Dist: Units/Areas/Zonal Commands

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